MFA Thesis project —

School of the Art Institute of Chicago


“An installation including three large computer-manipulated prints, faces with text. The first print is a morph of 3 people, the second and third are humans morphed with animals.”
The text is from my own writing and from John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing”.
The end result is a visual metaphor for how intended messages can be misinterpreted when heard or seen through someone’s “screen” of experience. Each piece gets progressively more disturbing.
The double faces (after the tryptich on the wall) are interactive. One can walk up to these faces and touch areas of the face which activate small movies of faces morphing from one face to another.



This is a close up and detail of the large poster used for the interactive piece. The text is about being in water, something that is familiar to most of us. We all read the same words yet have different experiences and memories.